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Collision Repair - Pataskala, Ohio

The Post Accident Freak Out

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Elite Auto Services – Pataskala OH – Collision Repair Specialist Lot’s of people will be on the road for the Thanksgiving holiday and traffic will be heavier than normal. Please be safe! But if you get in accident, you might remember this bit of information. You’ve been in a collision. Once you’ve checked that all your own fingers and toes are still present and accounted for and made sure all… Read More »The Post Accident Freak Out

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5 Ways Not To Treat Your Car

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Elite Auto Services – Pataskala OH We at Elite Auto Services, Collision Repair specialist have to always remind ourselves that vehicles aren’t built like the use to be, and it’s a good thing they aren’t! Only a few short decades ago, you could expect that you’d be rebuilding your engine completely every couple of years regardless of how well you took care of your car. It simply wasn’t built to… Read More »5 Ways Not To Treat Your Car