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Lot’s of people will be on the road for the Thanksgiving holiday and traffic will be heavier than normal. Please be safe! But if you get in accident, you might remember this bit of information.

You’ve been in a collision. Once you’ve checked that all your own fingers and toes are still present and accounted for and made sure all other parties involved are safe and healthy, it’s time to freak out. No, seriously, lose your mind.

It’s totally alright to spaz out for a moment after an emotionally intense occurrence like a car accident. Adrenalin and endorphins and other medical-textbook terms are used to explain away the shaky, panicky feeling you get once the realization of what happened actually starts to set in. It can help to allow yourself to release some of that stress. The chemical stuff doesn’t last for very long though, so when you are still bummed about your accident later that day and beyond, that’s your emotions.

There’s nothing like an accident to make you feel like garbage. Especially if you were at fault. There’s a feeling of responsibility for the physical hurt that may have happened, the property that might’ve been damaged, and whether or not your car is totaled, you’re going to need collision repairs and the loss of your car even for a short time is a tough one to bear. Those emotions you feel aren’t productive if you dwell on them.

So deal with it, and here’s how:

  • Get back in the saddle. An extremely common reaction is to vow never to drive again. But can you really commit to that? Doubtful. Driving is more than just transportation. For 53 percent of the population, driving is an enjoyable experience in itself, never mind the freedom it provides. (Okay, I made that number up, but you get the idea.) Don’t wait to get behind the wheel again or you could develop an unrealistic fear of driving.
  • Pamper yourself. Your car is out of commission while it’s being repaired, right? Get a courtesy car or rent one for yourself for the duration of the repairs. It’s all too common to punish yourself by not driving. You need wheels to get to work and back home, don’t you? And are you really going to give up your social life? Just buck up and get a courtesy car. Pay for the upgrade to a better class to begin to enjoy driving again right away. It was an accident. Don’t get into a habit of kicking your own butt for mistakes.
  • Ask for help. Though you might not need professional help, talk the accident through with someone. You could go for coffee with a friend and talk about your experience. You could go for beers with buddies and re-enact the incident at the table in grandiose form amid laughter and snorts. Just don’t start sobbing into your Kleenex discussing your accident…with the teller at the grocery store.

You didn’t purposefully get into a collision, so don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ll soon realize that others have forgotten the incident long before you have.