Elite Auto Services – Pataskala OH

We at Elite Auto Services, Collision Repair specialist have to always remind ourselves that vehicles aren’t built like the use to be, and it’s a good thing they aren’t! Only a few short decades ago, you could expect that you’d be rebuilding your engine completely every couple of years regardless of how well you took care of your car. It simply wasn’t built to last the same way they are now.

Nowadays, your vehicle can last for years or decades without any major issues. That’s providing you care for it just a little bit. It’s almost as easy as putting gas in the tank and oil in the engine…almost. If you neglect the basics when it comes to your car, you’ll be sinking your life savings into it just to keep it on the road. So what should you NOT do to your car?

  1. Wait for a friendly reminder for your oil change. Your car probably has a warning system to tell you when your oil change is almost due; most vehicles have one these days. What you’re neglecting — even with changing your oil exactly at every interval — is that your engine will burn or lose a bit of oil under normal conditions. Check the oil regularly when you fuel up to make sure it’s full. Some fuel station attendants even offer to do it for you. If your engine oil is low, your engine will run hotter and sludge deposits will form on moving parts, blocking oil flow. Not good. Just top up the oil once in a while between oil changes.
  2. Never wash your car. This isn’t simply about your pride of vehicle ownership. Washing your car removes deposits of dirt, salt, bird droppings, and corrosive materials like brake dust. If you don’t wash these contaminants off your car, say goodbye to your shiny finish, and say hello to rust. Pick a day of the week and plan to have your car washed that day. Since everyone has a smartphone now, put a repeating reminder in your calendar.
  3. Avoid fueling up until the last possible moment. There isn’t a single person who can claim they are innocent of this action. What you don’t know is it can be harmful to your fuel pump. Gasoline or diesel acts as a lubricant inside your fuel pump and cools it at the same time. If you run the fuel tank down until the last few precious drops of liquid gold have been consumed by your engine, it puts undue stress on your fuel pump. The electric pump can overheat or seize up and die. To you, that means an expensive tow job and repair bill.
  4. Ignore your warning lights. Whether a Check Engine light, ABS light, Service 4WD, or other indicator comes on, it’s serious business. We all know it can cost several hundred dollars to diagnose and repair one of these warning lights so the tendency is to put it off, hoping that the light goes out and all is well. Sorry. Not likely. Warning lights don’t come on for no reason and ignoring them is usually accompanied by an even heftier bill than if you address the issue right away. An added bonus to getting it fixed right away is the confidence that your car isn’t going to break down. And who needs that extra stress and worry in their life anyway?

Some local auto parts retailers offer a service to check your codes for free. This doesn’t replace getting it repaired but might give you an indication if a repair can be safely put off for a bit.

  1. Never replace the air filter. It’s like choking out your engine UFC-style. Your engine needs to breathe in order to operate efficiently much like you need to breathe in order to be conscious and live. If your air filter is plugged, it can cause emissions issues, Check Engine lights, higher fuel consumption, and irregular idle and engine operation. It’s simple to change and only costs a few bucks, yet can save you a headache and hundreds of dollars in repairs down the road.